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NaPoWriMo 2012

If I’m going to take this poetry lark seriously then I thought I may as well commit to National Poetry Writing Month, which  means I have to write a poem every day for the month of April and post it here, on my shiny new blog. Surely that can’t be too difficult, can it?


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First steps…

This feels to me a bit like one of those cute videos you sometimes see of baby animals taking their first steps in the world… extremely wobbly, but with a general sense of what they need to do and the determination to persist until they get it right. Before you know it they’re romping around their field, exploring their new world joyfully – but occasionally returning to check with their mother that they’re doing OK, aren’t they… aren’t they?

So please bear with me as I get my head around this thing called blogging, and in the same way that in those videos the mother animal gently corrects her offspring if they get it horribly wrong, please feel free to give me the internet equivalent of a virtual cuff round the ear with a friendly paw if I do the same.

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