Half way there.

This thing just seems to get more and more enjoyable. I was worried at one point that I’d struggle to find the time or inspiration, especially on days when I’m working or busy with family commitments, but so far it’s not been too much of a problem. I suppose it comes down to the fact that if we truly want to do something enough, we’ll always find the time.

I admit I was sceptical about the daily prompt – surely as writers we should find our own inspiration, ha! – but now really look forward to it and get a real sense of challenge (which I mostly accept …!) when I find NaPoWriMo.net has been updated.

But above all, it’s the sharing, sense of community and common purpose that’s making all the difference, and – now I know who set up the Facebook group – appreciation goes to Charlotte Henson for doing so. Thank you Charlotte – you’re a star – and thanks to everyone there whose contributions, comments, encouragement and friendship are making this month so special.

A final observation for now: In this online, virtual world one link leads on to another, then another – and it’s easy to forget what the starting point actually was; I certainly can’t remember. Something led me to NaPoWriMo and to the Facebook group and, do you know? I couldn’t tell you exactly what that was now.

Serendipity? Synchronicity? You decide. Here’s to the second half of NaPoWrimo!

Thank you for reading my poetry.


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