Ten poems to go.

It’s the London Marathon on Sunday. Now, of course there’s no comparison between writing poetry and the courage, determination and sheer physical effort needed to run 26 miles; some similarities have occurred to me, though. Runners talk of ‘hitting the wall’ about two-thirds of the way into the race – a point where the body is hit by sudden fatigue and loss of energy, and an overwhelming feeling of not being able to go on any further.

Coincidentally, we’re two-thirds of the way through NaPoWriMo. How many of us, I wonder, are close to hitting the equivalent of our own ‘wall’ right now?  As each day passes I find I’m wondering more and more if I’ll be able to turn out something I’m happy to share, that I’ll run out of inspiration, that the quality of my work is getting worse and worse… is it the same for you?

Runners also talk about the sheer energy imparted by the crowds that helps them through the ‘wall’ – the cheering, the encouragement, people calling out your name. I’ve said several times this month that it’s been the sharing, the sense of purpose and encouragement from fellow writers that has made NaPoWriMo for me, and that I’d have probably bailed out before now had it not been for all you lovely people in our Facebook group. Thank you! It’ll become even more important on this final stretch.

Ten more poems to go!



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2 responses to “Ten poems to go.

  1. I like your wall analogy, I’ve been feeling the same way myself in the last day or so, makes sense to rationalise it like that.

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