Nearly made it…!

So, one day to go and I’ll have made it through NaPoWriMo 2012. Thirty poems, over 6,000 words of notes and drafts (I’ve just counted ‘em!) and too many new friends and fellow writers to mention, but I hope they all know who they are. It’s been said many times this month, but what’s pulled me through has been that sense of community and common purpose. The collective energy at times has been almost palpable, and the several times when I was close to flagging it was the thought of not wanting to let down my new writerly friends that pulled me round – so thank you all. Plus, we mustn’t forget the debt we owe to the organisers for all the hard work in making sure we always had our daily dose of inspiration.

But this month hasn’t just been about writing – one of the best things has been the amazing work written by others and posted online each day. There’s such talent out there and it’s a rather wonderful thought that so many new poems have been brought into the literary world these past 30 days. Reading them has been such a pleasure – thank you again.

My confidence as a writer has grown – particularly the confidence to experiment, and to share work that would otherwise have mouldered in a notebook or hard-drive having been dismissed by me as not being good enough. I’ve also learned something about my own writing processes and how an obscure idea – perhaps that once would have been dismissed – can end up turning into something reasonable. Ultimately it’s other people’s reactions to our work that counts the most.

Tonight feels a bit like those last nights of memorable holidays when everyone celebrates, exchanges addresses and promises to stay in touch before flying home to the reality of their own lives; some people you never hear from again, but others end up turning into lifelong friends – and you can never always predict who will be which!

Whatever happens, to those I’ve shared this journey with – it’s been amazing, and every single one of you has made a difference to my writing life. I know it’s not fully over yet, and there may well be some celebrations yet to come when some of us can meet face-to-face and give voice to the words we’ve written. I do hope so.


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  1. I have to say I agree with the sentiments you have expressed here. I found it very inspiring to have other writers posting their own work and commenting on mine. Writing can be quite a lonely occupation, so it is nice to have fellow writers interested in what you are doing. I have put 6th of May in my diary and hope to get to Bury to Charlotte’s poetry night and it would be good to meet other NaPoWriMos there and celebrate our successes.- Carolina x

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