Small Stones Day 31: Final Flourish

Oh dear. I’ve not done very well at this, have I? January has been a funny old month and for several reasons hasn’t been a great start to my writing year. As the sun begins to rise a little higher in the sky each day, so hopefully will return my creative desire and joy of writing.

Today I have tried to make up a little bit for the many days missed in Mindful Writing Month. Well done to everyone who made it through!

I have at least discovered that it’s a lovely form of writing, and fully intend to keep on writing Small Stones.

Here are my final offerings for now.

Small Stone 1

I wonder why so many people seem to be afraid of their own silence? You visit their home and the radio is always on or worse, the television plays to an empty room. Some just live noisily, then raise their voices to make themselves heard above their own cacophony.

Silence is a precious thing, and it feels like a violation of my personal space when others impinge upon my own quiet moments. It is an inequitable relationship: One person can kill another’s silence with noise, but another’s noise cannot be killed by one’s own silence.

Small Stone 2

I feel strangely reassured when I meet another writer friend who has suffered from a similar virus that’s been troubling me much of the time since New Year. Megan found that she too suffered a blockage of inspiration and a lack of any desire to write. Thankfully, after several weeks, the creative urge is starting to return in both of us.

Small Stone 3

The world changes around us, and one pleasures disappears only to be replaced by another. Having an almost infinite supply of music at the touch of a button, any time of day or night, was unthinkable not that many years ago. Yet for this instant-download gratification, we’ve traded the magic of those faraway Saturday afternoons spent browsing the record shops in town, carefully making a choice and parting with your hard-earned cash before counting the minutes of the journey home to listen to it. Then there was the sensual pleasure of sliding your new LP from its sleeve, and those wonderful few seconds of anticipation as the needle clicked into the groove before the music began to play. And of course ‘sharing’ simply meant phoning your friends to ask them round later to listen.

Small Stone 4

Today I have been making cheese and onion pasties. Home baking is such a simple pleasure. There is something joyous about finding a recipe, gathering the ingredients and following the method to create something that’s more than the sum of its parts. As an added bonus, such wonderful smells permeate the house, plus you know exactly what’s gone into your food.


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