Poetry Resolutions

Some writing resolutions for 2014, at the suggestion of Jo Bell

 1. Memorise poetry. Think about memorable spoken-word events and open-mic nights. Which poets made the greatest impact on you? Chances are the ones you remember are the ones who knew their work by heart and so were able to maintain eye contact with the audience, simply because they didn’t have to keep glancing down at their notes every few seconds.

Of course, if this were easy we’d all be doing it – plus I know of some very eminent, published poets who insist on reading from the page. Yet most of us will have memorised some poetry in the dim and distant past, and well-known lines will be firmly lodged in the brain (‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’’Green eggs and ham…’ etc. etc.).

Surely, as poets shouldn’t we know our own work better than anyone else’s, even if it’s just the poems we tend to read most often?

Goal: Memorise enough poems for my 10-minute slot at The Quiet Compere Tour when it visits Leeds in June.


2. Make more use of strict form. When I studied creative writing a few years ago, one of the most enjoyable elements was learning about poetic forms hitherto unknown to me, and then having a go at them. Paradoxically, writing to strict form can often liberate, rather than constrain creativity, and that the structure might actually take the poem places it would never have gone in free verse, yet it can still feel daunting.

My notebooks contain plenty of unfinished poetry long since abandoned as ideas going nowhere, so perhaps revisiting these poems and trying to revitalise them using strict form might be a good place to start.

Goal: Write at least six poems in strict form over the coming year, and post them on this blog.


3. Research ways of getting more work published. Note that this doesn’t simply say ‘get more work published’; that’s not only too presumptuous, but also would fail to take account of the fact that I still don’t have much idea how to go about it.

Hence, this resolution is about getting more clued up, discovering what possibilities lie out there – things like pamphlets and chapbooks (are they the same?), poetry magazines etc. I have one self-imposed condition: ‘Published’ for me means work appearing in print – something tangible, that has staples in it and pages you can turn; so online doesn’t count!

Goal: Gain sufficient knowledge so that next year’s resolution is about actually making it happen.


And that’s all I‘m going to commit to. The stuff that I do for the Day Job tells me that setting any more than three goals invokes the law of diminishing returns i.e. the more you set, the less likely you’re to achieve. Of course there’s more I want to do – and I may well do it – but in terms of making a public commitment, three’s your lot…! Happy 2014.


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