Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by.

I’m a Leeds-based poet,  although  I’ve been a regular visitor to poetry events in Manchester and the North West over the years, in particular Chorlton’s excellent Post Box Poets (formerly Lead Poets Society). I’ve also read at Bury’s Once More With Meaning, where I cut my teeth on the ‘open-mic’ scene, and made one appearance at Write Out Loud in Wigan. Closer to home, I’ve appeared at Poetry by HEART in Headingley, the legendary Wicked Words in Chapel Allerton – sadly now come to an end – and Words on Tap at The Chemic.

Through the generous encouragement of my friends in the North West, I’ve had work published in Best of Manchester Poets Vol. 3 (Puppywolf), and have studied with Cath Nichols and Rommi Smith, both of whom continue to provide support and inspiration.

I like to think my poetry defies labels; essentially I just like to capture moments, thoughts and musings about life, and the people I meet or observe. I try to make my poetry quirky and thought-provoking, but above all, it’s important to me that it’s accessible by all. I’ve no time for people who consider poetry to be an exclusive club, or a means of demonstrating how intelligent or academic they believe themselves to be.


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